MLM E-Commerce Development Solutions

Do you want boosted business profit? It just needs a well-developed E-Commerce website

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MLM E-commerce Development Solutions

E-Commerce Development Solutions

It just needs a well-developed E-Commerce website
E-Commerce Solutions

If you want to experience rapid growth in the online business world, then you should understand the importance of E-Commerce Web Portal Solutions, and have an online store. The interface, as well as the overall functionality of your E-Commerce website, should be interesting enough to magnetize online traffics to accumulate potential online customers. Good outlook is not just enough! Your site should be easy enough to navigate around and should display your products or services in an organized manner so that online customers can find what they were exactly looking for with proficiently.

Here at AWAPAL SOLUTIONS, you will get excellent E-Commerce solutions for your online business. From project planning to design & development, everything we do with complete commitment and neat perfection. We have proficient designers and developers in our team, who can deliver you with best quality services that would certainly make your online business, a success story. Now; before proceeding, let us preliminary study into the E-Commerce Web Portal Solutions to understand the salient features and benefits of it.

What We Offer

Security Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Awapal is establishing the excellent, custom made E-commerce environments, cumulating users maximizes traffic, magnify experience and push sales. We are professional in building our clients a fully-featured web portal, with a smooth, secure buying process and all the design and management options you need.

  • Ecommerce application development
  • Responsive eCommerce Websites
  • Custom E-commerce Website Design
  • Responsive Mobile Site
  • Self-manageable ecommerce platform
  • Hassle free catalog management
  • Inventory management made easy
  • Smart Order Management
  • Integrated Delivery mechanism
  • Efficient integrated shipment solution
E-Commerce Offer

Benefits of Ecommerce Development

Consider These Factors Before Getting Your Crypto Exchange Developed
  • Assists business in establishing new market treads
  • Gain customer loyalty in terms of having respective orders
  • Reduce operational cost by eliminating manual user intervention
  • Provide the customers a live and interactive shopping experience
  • It empowers buyers by allowing them to handle product transactions in an improved manner
  • Ultimate functionality enables businesses to maintain strong customer base
  • A lot of time & money saved as it requires few seconds for order placement
Benefits of Ecommerce
MLM Ecommerce Development Modules
Consider These Factors Before Getting Your Crypto Exchange Developed

  Product management

  • You can demonstrate endless diversity of products at solitary location
  • Products can be effortlessly added, edited, hided or removed as & when required
  • Dropdowns of multiple colors, sizes are readily available
  • Comparison of two or more products can be done side by side instead of flipping through many pages
  • Multiple categorization of the products enables quick showcase item into “on sale” “same day delivery” or “free Shipping”
  • Catalog of products can be managed by categories, brand and products
  • Visitors may be captured by showing the factual images of the products with Rotational -2D/3D, zoom-in feature
  • Display of sales promotion banners with eye-catching offers
  • Product rating feature by Star marking, scoring
  • Product range with description (optional)
  • We follow the digital trend to evaluating the product & marking the rating according to the preference

  Order Management

  • We provide order management gateway which is a vital link between web store and back office functions
  • Management of reports for fulfilled orders including: report on all orders and back-orders resulting from one original order, supposed summary report, deleted orders report and supplier order turnover, dispatch reports, delayed order reports
  • Maintenance of record of inventory for stock and non-stock items with descriptions and settlement discount includes automatic numbering facility for order clarity
  • Orders may be searched for by supplier, date or by 'key-word search'
  • Optional combination with Stock management, Job-Costing, Subcontracts Ledger and General Ledger.
  • Sales order email facilitation enables directly sending of email from the POP module from addresses stored in the Supplier files
  • Our order management contain complete physical inventory functionality, Inventory management section offers comprehensive reporting, category updates, realtime inventory location
  • New order notifications via email, RSS, and on your mobile phone with SMS messaging
  • Order cancellation with automated chargeback option

  Stock Management

  • Inventory report to maintain balance between demand and supply balance
  • You can organize your products by categories and locations
  • Use movement history to track and control stock
  • Various report generation such as expiration date tracking, manufacturing date tracking
  • Barcode printing facility
  • Automated real time updates/alerts before the stock come to an end
  • Automated re-order triggers with stock-out report

  Category management

  • Unlimited categories of products can be managed and listed under one roof
  • Addition/Edition of categories in a simple manner
  • We are able to configure product under more than one category
  • Report generation of most viewed/productive category to enhance business

  Discount system

  • Creation of % Discounting reports with profit statements
  • Mail/SMS alerts of discounts can be auto send to the customers
  • Strategy can be set for Minimum/Maximum discounts can be offered and monitored via report
  • Multiple discounts options can be provided such as catalog discounts, order discounts, free shipping offers, volume discounts and budles

  Delivery Tracking

  • Auto – updated Tracking facility available 24hr x 7days
  • Standard Tracking number generation
  • Prepares challans for respective destination
  • Dash board for admin, customer login
  • eports and MIS of delivery
  • Gap Analysis

  Returning order Management

  • Reports of pending payment from return orders
  • Automated recalculation of stock on return order


  • Revenue generated in collection of advance money
  • Globalization payment acceptance gateways
  • E-wallet facility and Support provided on windows, IOS and Android
  • Purchase report through E-wallet

  Coupon System

  • E-Coupon generation facility
  • Auto mailers/sms sending of coupon valid for that respective month to the existing/potential customer
  • Total distributed coupon cost vs utilized coupons cost – Criteria Management analysis chart

  Franchise Management

  • Chat facility with Franchise’s
  • Online documentation for franchise facility
  • Revenue report of franchise
  • Inventory moniterization of franchises


  • Product Reviews can be written in blogs
  • Subscription option from blog
  • Master searching facility
  • Comment and ration option in the blog
  • Recent blog activity – latest comment
  • Latest comment can be view
  • Most popular blog can be viewed in every page
  • Categorization of blogs – Related blog view
  • Social media activity in sharing of blogs

  Ticket centre

  • Automatic generation of tickets by alarming systems, e.g. network monitoring
  • Entering of dysfunctions, errors and requests
  • Statistical analysis of the number of tickets
  • Monitoring of handling, time spent and quality of work
  • Systematic collection of questions and answers for FAQs
  • Maintaining of a history of each change
  • Assignment of a priority to each issue based on the overall importance of that issue, the customer, date of submission, SLA
  • Ensuring the observation of internal processes by forced control with help of workflows

  Security Pack

  • SSL certified security for personal information
  • OTP for account login and at the point of checkout
  • Secured information for debit/credit card, internet banking
  • Removal of Potentially Unwanted Programs
  • Hacker-deterrent security provisioning

  Server Pack

  • Data storage facility for desired storage
  • Dedicated secured server
  • High speed server RAM facility
  • Unlimited space website hosting
  • Creation of unlimited Email ID’s

  Admin User Management

  • Tools for creating and managing user accounts 
  • Creation of host account to manage guests
  • Adding unlimited visitors/users
  • Distribution of responsibilities to the staff
  • You can manage (view, insert, eliminate & change) scheduled jobs on individual servers or workstations

  Notifications Systems

  • Email/SMS notifications for new products
  • Low Stock Notifications via email
  • New search keyword notification which is not available on the site
  • Ability to create, update, view and delete notification rules
  • A dynamically updated list of active alerts must be available
  • Remote request and retrieval of active alerts must be available
  • Round the clock support

  Customer reviews management

  • Integrated tools to send review invitations via email and social media.
  • Social Media integration so you can share your reviews with the world.
  • Human-Validation on all the reviews you receive.
  • Personal and quick support can be managed for all your customer conversations in one place, no matter what the source - email, phone or social media
  • We help you to Build trust with new visitors to your site by showing them the positive customer feedback you get
  • Ability to respond to customer reviews and feedback.
  • You can also set up other forms to upload information like share a thought, tell us a story, and enter a contest to engage customer
  • Website Badges so you can show off your reviews and gather even more.

  Mobile App

  • Mobile selling on all popular devices
  • IPad-native shopping experience
  • IPhone/ Android/ Blackberry -optimized mobile experience
  • Palm Pre-optimized mobile experience
  • Support for PayPal Express Mobile
  • Push notification systems
  • Mobile payments gateways
  • Social media integration
  • Coupons
  • Customers review
  • Branded banner of your app can be displayed via linking an external web page

  Payment Gateway API

  • Payment API to process transactions with a minimum amount of shopper information is developed - a slim checkout flow option
  • 2We employ the Payment Plus API for card processing plus more complicated purchase flows via coupons, subscription billing, track purchases based on product, segment
  • Payment prompt interface
  • One-click purchase option for returning shoppers
  • Hosted Checkout For local language, currency and payment type 
  • Single click payments

 Customer Management

  • Customer browsing and searching feature
  • Provide special discounts or offers by Filtration of customer according to recent registration and guest customers
  • Activity reports and purchase reports analysis
  • Consolidate and Personalize Email Communications with customers
  • Record Internal Comments at Both Customer and Order Level
  • Regional categorization of customers
  • Interaction with customers with Live-Chat
  • Build Loyalty with an Innovative Customer Rewards Points Program
  • Customer feedbacks to improve customer satisfaction
  • Monitor the customer behavior searching patterns, common purchase pairings, or service requests

  Payment Management

  • Payment collection can be done by our intergrated and highly secured payment gateway analogous to the orders.
  • Financial year payment reports including all the transactions that occurred via the method of payment you selected such as COD, Credit/Debit card, Internet banking with multiple banks, cheques payments etc
  • Quick view of pending payment with auto generated reminders via sms or emails

 Shopping Cart Management

  • Production recommendations and bundle packages options are offered
  • Navigate to quick link back to shopping cart
  • Automated reminders to customers if they have not accomplished a pending order/purchase
  • View and manage the customer wish list
  • Promotional offers in checkout list
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Delivery/event dates
  • Order tracking links sent automatically via email
  • Terms agreement
  • Support for custom starting order numbers
  • Support for pre-orders
  • Single page checkout
  • Basic shipping quote estimates
  • Guest checkout option
  • Order tracking links sent automatically via email

 Pricing Management

  • Modification of price of the product can be easily managed
  • Price listings are readily available with detailed report of modifications of price date wise
  • Price conflicts checking reports
  • Smart options for recalculations of pricing
  • Price strategy can be monitored via margins reports
  • Price comparison done by the customers report

 Deal Management

  • Customers can find the right products through targeted up-sell, cross-sell and promotions, guided buying, free-text search, and product comparisons and reviews.
  • Deals provided history with the pricing strategy can be viewed

 Shipping Management

  • Report of revenue generated through shipping
  • Effortlessly manage your shipping with a variety of shipping tools and capabilities
  • Profit statement on free shipment offers deducting the original shipping cost
  • Defined cost in accordance to the shape, size, weight of the parcels
  • Order shipping tracking details
  • Shipment returned loss/damage reports
  • Barcode integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS
  • Triggers are available to auto update status of the shipment
  • Centralized shipment through multiple locations
  • Batch print and process invoices, packing lists and gift notes

 Supply chain Management

  • Sourcing and procurement management
  • The software can be used to assess the supplier’s assets and capabilities and compare them with the organizations business strategy
  • Inventory reports
  • Purchase order processing.
  • Ware house management – integrating labeling, inbound/outbound processing
  • Storage optimization
  • Picking /Packing automation reports
  • Supplier performance reporting
  • Forecasting and planning report
  • Management of logistic to minimize delays in delivery

  Referral Program

  • Revenue generated report through referral link
  • Auto generated referral link
  • Auto identification of referral code (provided in link) and credit the earned point into beneficiary account for redemption
  • Direct link sharing facility to social networking sites

 Branch Management

  • Centralized data management for several branches - Stock
  • Branch-wise revenue reports
  • Multiple login facility for admin panel

 News Letter

  • Weekly news letter containing important information with attractive pictures
  • Achievement & reward earned by other customers
  • Publicize the news to be spread to the customers

 Basic one time SEO pack

  • Website Auditing
  • Relevant Keyword Research.
  • Google+ Authorship Setup
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Google Webmaster Monitoring.
  • Bing Webmaster Monitoring
  • XML Site Implementation
  • Robots Meta Tag(All robots meta tag )
  • Schema Implementation
  • Google Local Business Setup
  • Content Optimization

 Live Chat

  • Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions
  • High Reliability, Scalability and High Load Support
  • You can upload your company logo and agent photo. Customize agent greeting and system messages
  • Alert generation – when a visitor click on live chat button
  • Visitors will see the padlock icon in their live chat browser window letting them know the conversation is encrypted
  • Fast response time even on a slow connection
  • Offline Messaging Delivery
  • History are perfectly kept and can be searched by admin or staff members by date range, or for specific staff or customer
  • HTTP Tunneling to work through firewalls and proxy servers

 Visitors Tracking

  • Visitor path tracking with complete details
  • Conversion tracking
  • Popular category and product tracking
  • Visitor Source tracking
  • Visitor IP address tracking

 Marketing Tools

  • Google, yahoo, bing Adwords
  • Google Analytics integration
  • "Did you mean?" functionality
  • Social media promotion
  • Email/SMS marketing tool
  • Affiliate Program
  • Email/SMS marketing tool
  • RSS feeds
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Free shipping coupon codes
  • Integration with popular shopping comparison sites
  • Coupon usage limitable by location and/or shipping method

 FAQ’s Management

  • Display faqs based on categories and back, top and next navigation format
  • FAQs (List/Add/Edit)
  • Enable/Disable FAQ FAQ
  • Order Listing User Features View All FAQs
  • View Based on Category Next/Top/Previous

 Testimonial management

  • Testimonial can be written by the customers
  • Display options include random order, pagination and slideshows.
  • Customize view of the testimonial with display picture.
  • Character limitations for read additional alternative
  • There’s a customizable form with anti-spam options and a notification email
  • Trust enhancement of the visitor by sharing the authors name, url, location, etc
  • Featured Images (thumbnails) , Categories, passage are supported to write views
  • Choose whether to auto-publish or moderate new testimonial submissions
  • Configure the data you want to display
  • Removed the add ons in the front end editor and made it look better
  • Displayed testimonial posted date with Show/Hide option

 Site map

  • Website mapping
  • Easy access to any page of the website
  • Summarize the website through indexing

 Popular product module

  • Track report of most viewed product/category
  • View the source through which the popularity is attained
  • View business value progress statistics
  • Assign and visualize the business value of deliverables
  • Better understanding of customer need and marketing reviews

 Gift Certificates

  • Customers can create and send instant printable or electronic gift certificates
  • Special daily deals for sending gift certification
  • Customize gift certificate for festival occasions
  • Online cardholder balance check
  • Gift card program reports
  • Promotional Gift Card program with expiry rule available

 MLM Software Ecommerce Integration

  • MLM plans provides opportunity of making your online business more flourishing
  • People can sell their MLM plan at attractively designed online stores through referral marking tools
  • Right choice of MLM program can enhance your services world wide
  • MLM can help heighten sales and make a blotch in the prosperous e-commerce industry
  • Payment gateway multiple currency options for international MLM customers
  • Ecommerce customers can be contacted for promotions of MLM down-line management plans
  • Business chat room facility for MLM endorsement
  • MLM Services trusted reviews can be obtained by ecommerce registered member
  • Word to mouth certainty to attain remarkable results in maintains MLM down line
  • MLM business can be promoted through sharing the plans via ecommerce social networking links
  • MLM business desires a network of people to grow and ecommerce holds a clusters of people to attract
  • Ecommerce can be magnetic contemplation for the users towards MLM
  • MLM Ecommerce industry is a force which people cannot ignore
  • Ecommerce traffic can become potential for MLM business