Refund Policy

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All of our products are intangible irrevocable goods, we will be glad to return your investment providing that:
  • If we are not provided the software based on our commitment to the quotation.
  • We receive assistance in finding out the details of the problem on the side of the customer.
  • We fail to address the deficiency within a reasonable amount of time.
  • The refund will be issued to the customer in full without any compensations or additional reimbursements. OR, at customer’s choice, replacement of the product of the same or around the same value can be offered.
Also, we have cases ineligible for a refund, they include:
  • The client refuses to follow the instructions of the MLM MUNAFA | Customer Service Team or doesn’t provide the requested assistance.
  • There is a fix or a workaround to the issue reported as a reason for a refund.
  • The software was purchased by mistake or an assumption that it does something that it is not intended to do.
  • The problem is caused by the client’s system or network settings or by a third-party application or device.
  • The software purchased from us was lost, stolen, damaged or traded.