NFT Token Development Services

Embrace the power of NFT Token development with a unique and creative digital design from Awapal skilled professionals. We have skilled professionals for NFT creation, therefore, your NFT collectibles won’t change back to their initial phase.

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Importance of NFT Development Services

NFT tokens are a virtual collection of assets that are built on the power of blockchain technology. Since its beginning in 2012, NFT non-fungible tokens have evolved to the top. Today every Gaming enthusiast and Artist is tokenizing their collection for better growth.

Awapal skilled team of NFT developers creates unique and creative NFT that won’t alter back to their initial form. Whereas, our enterprise NFT development services can retain full ownership of their digital assets.

NFT’s are built on two Ethereum standards, i.e., ERC-721 and ERC-1155. Therefore, our software developers ensure including exchanges and wallet services. The use of these tokens is increasing rapidly in selling artworks and deploying in-game tokens. Moreover, real-world assets like shares, and real estate can also be represented in the markets.

NFT Non-Fungible Token Development Services

Centralized Exchange Development


Our skilled developers can create ERC 721 tokens that represent non-fungible digital assets. Moreover, ERC 721 tokens allow the combining of multiple contracts into a single smart contract. Our developed tokens also allow a permission way to transfer these assets.

Decentralized Exchange Development


At MLM Munafa, our unique NFT creation service helps in representing a variety of assets rather than any single asset. Moreover, the transferability feature of the ERC 1155 token helps users to reduce multiple smart contracts & transaction time.

Hybrid Exchange Development

TRC 721 Token

TRC-721 token is a protocol for issuance of NFT token on the Tron Network. Whereby, our token creation service helps to digitize your collection to NFT, ultimately increasing the unique value. Moreover, Tron public chain infrastructure deploys TRC 721 to your unique collectibles.

Functionalities of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • NFT smart contracts can be used for unique digital asset management.
  • This token represents your tangible and intangible digital assets.
  • NFT tokens are non-exchangeable and possess unique specs.
  • NFT’s cannot be purchased from exchange markets rather they are traded in their marketplace.
About MLM Munafa Software
About MLM Munafa Software

Characteristics of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • NFT is created on smart contract blockchain with the use of tools and support.
  • ERC 721 is an Ethereum standard protocol, commonly used for NFT creation.
  • Detailed information can be added in an NFT or in their smart contracts.
  • Digital ownership of an asset like shares and real estate is provided in the digital world.

Features of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • Non-Interchangeable : A single NFT cannot be used multiple times, that is why they are non-interchangeable and non-interoperable.
  • Indivisible: NFT smart tokens cannot be accommodated in a separate form, due to their unique protocol specification.
  • Recoverable: An NFT is an indestructible smart contract, as all the data is stored, tracked, and recovered from the chain.
  • Verifiable: The ownership of the data is stored on the blockchain, enabling creator verification without third-party authentication.
About MLM Munafa Software

Acquire the Power of NFT Development

NFT token development services allow artists and creators to tokenize their tangible and intangible collections and sell them to potential markets. Likewise, unique tokenized products like music, art, videos, games, etc, can produce huge traffic in the market.

Our professionals are able to create an NFT inclusive of all game assets, special characters, and spectacular features. Hence, using these NFT development services our clients can engage users and increase their market performance.

Various Usage of Non-Fungible Token Platform

As developed by our professionals, our non-fungible token development services offer your audience the following services that are unique to their applicability.


Allow your audience to get ownership of your digital art by tokenizing them using cryptography and blockchain.

Trending cards

Our NFT creation service helps to tokenize your trending cards and allows setting the authenticity of the collectible.

Music & videos

Artists create unique music and videos, that’s why our developed NFT’s allow them to get ownership by tokenizing their creation.


Create powerful NFT tokens of the web domain and trade them with the full authorization of the purchaser.

Land ownership

Record the land ownership status of digital items on the blockchain and buy and sell them in the form of non-fungible tokens.


Launch games on blockchain and anchor them with distinguishable and tamper-proof digital assets. Our token developers help to preserve asset rarity and uniqueness.

Benefits of NFT Token Development

In an NFT the data remains immutable and cannot be manipulated. Original creators can sell and earn tokens with full royalties. Token holders can earn returns over holding tokens for a longer period. Creators can peer-to-peer trade tokens with network members. Token creators can take control of the scarcity and supply of tokens.

  • Crypto and altcoin creation are digital assets utilized as a medium of exchange by a majority of ventures.
  • Crypto and altcoin creation are digital assets utilized as a medium of exchange by a majority of ventures.
  • Crypto and altcoin creation are digital assets utilized as a medium of exchange by a majority of ventures.
  • Crypto and altcoin creation are digital assets utilized as a medium of exchange by a majority of ventures.
  • Crypto and altcoin creation are digital assets utilized as a medium of exchange by a majority of ventures.
About MLM Munafa Software
MLM Munafa NFT Marketing Services

MLM Munafa NFT business solution provides remarkable marketing service. Our engaging marketing strategies will enhance the success and diminish the failure of your product.

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For our client’s growth, we will develop ideas and implement the latest and most innovative approach.

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Our digital marketing team will help you to build the best social outreach and enhance your NFT digital footprint.

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Awapal marketing services will help you to build a network with peer members to buy and sell your NFT tokens digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Fungible Tokens are designed especially to trade in the marketplaces built for them. These tokens cannot be converted and traded on mainstream trading platforms.

Unlike crypto tokens, non-fungible tokens are non-exchangeable, so they cannot be traded in mainstream markets. Every token holds a unique value as fixed to it.

To create the best non-fungible tokens the estimated cost is dependent on a number of factors. The token creation mechanism depends on the type of product and scale. At Awapal, we charge less for NFT token creation as compared to the major NFT token development companies in USA.

Ensures the safety of data as everything is registered on a decentralized mechanism and cannot be lost or cyber-attacked.